Four years at Elastic!

One more year!

I've previously written my memoir when I crossed three years at Elastic. Like every year, 2021 is filled with a lot of learnings. I have written about Elastic's culture and approach to work-from-home in my blogs until now.

I want to talk about people, leadership, and a growing tech company this time.


People make up the culture of the organization. Elastic has so many empathetic human beings, and I'm pleased to work with them. For example, when Covid struck India hard in April 2021, Elastic sent an oxygen concentrator to each employee.

My team and managers are always helpful in understanding my situation. However, especially in 2021, life has overtaken work. 2021 is one such year; I've spent more family time than traveling for developer community events.


One thing that I've always faced in several workplaces is trying new things when bored with the current set of work. At Elastic, I observed that it is pretty easy to move between teams and locations, provided you demonstrate the passion for that role you want to perform.

I feel this helps with retaining talent and gives opportunities, helping one with career growth.


I have worked in multiple companies previously and have seen how employees were treated by the senior/mid-level management 😅 Of course, there are some exceptions. Still, in most organizations, the employee is a resource.

With Elastic, I'm blessed to see multiple good people managers who helped with my requests. Nevertheless, I should not call them managers, as they are more or less like my co-workers, never made me feel like they are above my pay grade.

A step above, Shay Banon himself continuously tries to communicate with the entire company. Be it his Covid-19 company update emails, updates on the company's performance, a regular company all hands. I'm taking note of all these things, and if I were ever to startup, I'd want to implement some of his leadership principles to start with.

Growing tech company

Elastic was not so popular as an entity when I joined, but Elasticsearch is well known in the OSS community. Over the years, Elastic, the company, and its offerings have become more popular.

It gave me a great learning opportunity to understand building developer SaaS products, what enterprise customers expect.

Like always, there would be growing pains in any organization. People leave, people join, but I felt it is the culture that is the DNA of an org that is important to protect. Elastic is doing a great job in protecting and giving a great cultural experience to all the employees.

Last but not least, Elastic is starting an engineering center in India; you should check out the opportunities under Feel free to DM me on Linkedin/Twitter if you have any questions.